Río Grande de Loíza

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Grande de Loíza
Río Grande de Loíza.jpg
Country Puerto Rico
Basin features
Main source San Lorenzo, Puerto Rico
River mouth Atlantic Ocean
Physical characteristics
Length 64 km (40 mi)

The Rio Grande de Loíza is a river in the island of Puerto Rico. It is the largest river in Puerto Rico by volume. It is situated on the north coast of the island. It flows from south to north and drains into the Atlantic Ocean, a few miles east of San Juan.

Rio Grande de Loíza runs for approximately 40 miles (64 kilometers). It has its origin in the municipality of San Lorenzo at an altitude of approximately 3,500 feet (1,073 meters) above sea level. It runs through the municipalities of San Lorenzo, Caguas, Gurabo, Trujillo Alto, Carolina, Canóvanas, and Loíza forming the Loíza Lake along its route, making it the second longest river on the island, behind Río de la Plata.

The river was immortalized in a poem by Julia de Burgos.[1]

Coordinates: 18°26′18″N 65°52′42″W / 18.4382795°N 65.8782200°W / 18.4382795; -65.8782200[2]