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Rîșcani is located in Moldova
Location in Moldova
Coordinates: 47°57′26″N 27°33′14″E / 47.95722°N 27.55389°E / 47.95722; 27.55389Coordinates: 47°57′26″N 27°33′14″E / 47.95722°N 27.55389°E / 47.95722; 27.55389
Country Moldova
DistrictRîșcani District
 • Total9,259
Time zoneUTC+2 (EET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+3 (EEST)

Rîșcani (Romanian pronunciation: [rɨʃˈkanʲ], also spelled Râșcani; Moldovan Cyrillic: Рышкань; Russian: Рышканы) is a city in Moldova, the capital of the Rîșcani District. It is located along the Copăceanca river, about 22 kilometres from the station in Drochia. Two villages are administered by the city, Bălanul Nou and Rămăzan.


In the USSR era, Rîșcani was home to a number of factories, a state agrotechnic school, and tobacco farms. In January 2011, the population was 14,400.

International relations[edit]

Twin Towns - Sister Cities[edit]

Rîșcani is twinned with:


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