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Róisín Dubh music Venue in Galway logo.png
Jape performing at the Róisín Dubh.

The Róisín Dubh is an established live music venue in Galway, Ireland. It has hosted events such as the IMRO Showcase Tour[1] and the 2fm 2moro 2our. The name translates from the Irish language as the "little black rose".[2] According to Una Mullally in the Sunday Tribune, the venue is "the heart of live music in the city".[3]

In 2008 the Róisín won the IMRO award for Best Venue in Connacht and was nominated for Best Venue In Ireland.[4] It won the Regional Award for Connacht again in 2009.[5]

Nial Conlon of Dublin-based band Delorentos praised the venue's owner, Gugai, for welcoming the band when no other venue would.[6] Other notable fans who attend the venue include broadcaster Síle Ní Bhraonain.[3]


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