Rāzna National Park

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Rāzna National Park
IUCN category II (national park)
Вид с Маконькальнса-1.jpg
View from Mākoņkalns hill to Lake Rāzna
Map showing the location of Rāzna National Park
Map showing the location of Rāzna National Park
Map of Latvia
LocationLatgale, Latvia
Coordinates56°16′N 27°30′E / 56.267°N 27.500°E / 56.267; 27.500Coordinates: 56°16′N 27°30′E / 56.267°N 27.500°E / 56.267; 27.500
Area532 km2 (205 sq mi)

Rāzna National Park (Latvian: Rāznas nacionālais parks) is a national park in the Latgale region of Latvia. It was established in 2007 and covers an area of 532 km2 (205 sq mi). The initiative to create the Rāzna National Park out of an already existing nature park came from the Daugavpils University.

This national park was created to protect Lake Rāzna, the second largest lake in Latvia, and the surrounding areas. Because of this, 14% of the surface area of the national park consists of water surfaces. Valuable ecosystems - natural deciduous forests with many rare species of plants are found on several of the 26 islands in Ežezers lake. Of high value are also the semi-natural grasslands.

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