Růžovský vrch

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Růžovský vrch
Rosenberg (2).jpg
Růžovský vrch (Rosenberg), seen from the Noldenberg
Highest point
Elevation619.1 m n.m. (2,031 ft)
Coordinates50°49′58″N 14°19′52″E / 50.83278°N 14.33111°E / 50.83278; 14.33111Coordinates: 50°49′58″N 14°19′52″E / 50.83278°N 14.33111°E / 50.83278; 14.33111
Růžovský vrch is located in Czech Republic
Růžovský vrch
Růžovský vrch
Parent rangeBohemian Switzerland
Mountain typecone mountain
Type of rockBasalt
AccessConstruction of the first observation tower in 1881

The Růžovský vrch, also Růžák (German: Rosenberg) is the dominant mountain (619 m) in the Bohemian Switzerland east of the River Elbe in the Czech Republic. Its almost circular cone shape makes it one of the most typical representatives of the mountains of North Bohemia. The upper part of the mountain is made of basalt, whilst at its foot sandstone is also found. The flanks of the mountain are covered by an almost virgin deciduous forest, in which mighty beech and sycamore are especially impressive. Since 1973 the mountain has been protected as a national nature reserve and, since 2000, it has lain within the core zone of the Bohemian Switzerland National Park.

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