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The R-360 is an arcade cabinet produced by Sega. The arcade cabinet has two axes of movement, allowing the player to rotate freely as the cabinet mimics the in-game action, including turning the cabinet completely upside down. Sega used the acronym SDMS (Servo Drive Movement System) for the cabinet's system.

The R-360 was also known for its many interior safety features such as a safety harness similar to a roller coaster harness, two seatbelts which attached to the harness, and an Emergency Stop Button. Its exterior safety features included an Emergency Stop button on the attendant tower, a series of pressure-sensitive mat intrusion systems which would trigger an alarm when any of the mats were stepped on while the game was in motion, and due to how large and heavy the main cabinet was, a plexiglass fence surrounded the cabinet to avoid anyone from getting too close to the cabinet.

The attendant tower of the R-360 also featured coin slots, but when some R-360 units were shipped to the US, they were removed under Sega's orders because they felt that the R-360 should be used under proper supervision of an attendant.

In 2015, Sega introduced a motion simulator attraction based on its arcade game Transformers: Human Alliance at Joypolis. The attraction utilizes a new version of the R-360, labeled as "R360Z", which seats two passengers.[1][2]

Games for the R-360[edit]

A limited number of games were made for the R-360, mostly flight simulators.


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