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R-Point film poster.jpg
Theatrical poster
Revised Romanization Al pointeu
McCune–Reischauer Al p‘oint‘ŭ
Directed by Kong Su-chang
Produced by Choi Kang-hyeok
Chang Yoon-hyun
Written by Kong Su-chang
Starring Kam Woo-sung
Son Byong-ho
Oh Tae-kyung
Park Won-sang
Lee Sun-kyun
Ahn Nae-sang
Kim Byeong-cheol
Jeon Kyeong-ho
Mun Yeong-dong
Music by Pa-lan Dal
Cinematography Seok Hyeong-jing
Edited by Nam Na-yeong
Distributed by Cinema Service
Release date
  • 13 August 2004 (2004-08-13)
Running time
107 minutes
Country South Korea
Language Korean
Box office $6,744,984[1]

R-Point (Hangul알 포인트) is a 2004 Korean horror film written and directed by Kong Su-chang. Set in 1972 Vietnam, during the Vietnam War, it stars Kam Woo-sung and Son Byong-ho as members of the South Korean military in Vietnam. Most of the movie was shot in Cambodia. Bokor Hill Station plays a prominent part of the movie, in this case doubling as a colonial French plantation.[2][3][4]


On 7 January 1972, the South Korean base in Nha-Trang, Vietnam, receives a radio transmission from a missing platoon that has been presumed dead. The high-command assigns the veteran and decorated Lieutenant Choi Tae-in to lead a squad of eight other soldiers to extract the missing soldiers from the Romeo point or R-Point. When they arrive at the location, they engage and defeat a Vietnamese woman with a machine gun. They later find a tombstone saying that one hundred years previously, local Vietnamese were killed by the Chinese who disposed of them in a lake. A temple built over the site has become a sacred location to the Vietnamese. They find an immense, but empty mansion, where they set up their base. They have a week to find the missing soldiers, but time is passing slowly when one of them dies in a horrific way, and instead of finding answers, they encounter further mysteries.


  • Kam Woo-sung as Lt. Choi Tae-in
  • Son Byong-ho as Sgt. Jin Chang-rok
  • Park Sang-won as Sergeant Cook
  • Lee Sun-kyun as Sergeant Park
  • Oh Tae-kyung as Sergeant Jang Young-soo
  • Son Jin-ho as Sergeant Oh
  • Mun Yeong-dong as Corporal Byun Moon-sub
  • Jeong Kyeong-ho as Corporal Lee Jae-pil
  • Kim Byeong-cheol as Corporal Joh Byung-hoon
  • Gi Ju-bong as Captain Park
  • Ahn Nae-sang as Captain Kang



Before the film was released, filmmakers conducted viral marketing to promote the film. The official website, www.rpoint.com, carried several fictional articles such as a journal written by an American war correspondent, statements made by various soldiers who witnessed events portrayed in the film, radio transmissions supposedly received by Korean soldiers, Internet news links about missing Korean soldiers in Vietnam, and a fictional timeline of R-Point.


Awards and nominations[edit]

2004 Blue Dragon Film Awards[5]
2004 Korean Film Awards
2005 Grand Bell Awards
  • Best Sound - Kang Joo-seok, Lead Sound
  • Nomination - Best New Director - Kong Su-chang

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