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For other labels by the same name, see Rex Records (disambiguation).
R.E.X. Records
Founded 1987
Founder Doug Mann
Status Defunct
Distributor(s) Diamante Music Group, Light Distribution
Genre Christian metal
Country of origin United States
Location New Jersey,[1] Chicago, Illinois, Nashville, Tennessee

R.E.X. Records was an independent record label founded by Doug Mann and Gavin Morkel,[2] which operated from 1987 until running into financial difficulty in 1995.[3] Operations were based in Chicago until 1990 when the company moved to Nashville.[4] The label was artistic in nature, and though they were especially active in the Christian metal genre some acts (such as Circle of Dust) were also marketed to mainstream audiences.[2] Sublabels included Storyville Records and Street Level Records, founded by Randy Stonehill.[5]


In Christian markets their records were distributed by the Diamante Music Group until 1995 when they switched to Light Distribution (see Light Records), by then a division of Platinum Entertainment.[5] In general markets they were distributed by RED. By 1996 R.E.X was experiencing layoffs and looking for a buyer. Platinum acquired the label in July 1996.[6]

In 1997 R.E.X. sued Platinum for breach of contract, asserting that Platinum had not properly distributed their product and had misrepresented their financial position in the buyout.[6]

For a short time R.E.X. provided distribution for Jesus People USA's Grrr Records.[7] Employee Alex Parker left and began Flying Tart in 1990. Founder Doug Mann took a position with ForeFront Records in April 1993.[1][8]


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