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R1, R.I, R01 or R-1 may refer to:

Military equipment[edit]

  • R-1 (missile), a post World War II Russian rocket
  • AEG R.I, a 1918 German super-heavy bomber design
  • DFW R.I, a 1916 German prototype bomber aircraft
  • Linke-Hofmann R.I, a World War I German prototype bomber aircraft
  • Polikarpov R-1, a Soviet Union copy of the 1931 British Airco DH.9A light bomber aircraft
  • USS R-1 (SS-78), a 1918 United States Navy R-class coastal and harbor defense submarine
  • a South African made version of the FN FAL battle rifle
  • a version of the 1942 German Rheintochter ground-to-air missile
  • Sentinel R1, a British airborne radar platform
  • a Romanian designation of the Czechoslovak-designed tankette AH-IV




  • R1 plasmid, a plasmid found in E Coli
  • ATC code R01 Nasal preparations, a subgroup of the Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Classification System
  • Haplogroup R1 (Y-DNA), a human Y-chromosome DNA haplogroup
  • R01 : Cardiac murmurs and other cardiac sounds ICD-10 code
  • The R1 vein in insect wings