R.I.P. (Coroner album)

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Studio album by
Released1 June 1987
RecordedMarch 1987
StudioMusic Lab, Berlin, West Germany
GenreThrash metal, progressive metal
ProducerCoroner and Harris Johns
Coroner chronology
Punishment for Decadence
Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic3/5 stars[1]

R.I.P. is the debut album released by the Swiss thrash metal band Coroner on 1 June 1987. This album marks the first chapter of the band's progression (thus it is less focused) and is characterized by raw speed and power (save for the instrumentals), very typical of thrash metal at this time.

Track listing[edit]

All songs written and arranged by Ron Broder & Tommy Vetterli, except where noted; All lyrics written by Marky Edelmann, except where noted

Side A
1."Intro" (Instrumental) 1:23
2."Reborn Through Hate" 4:53
3."When Angels Die" 4:41
4."Intro (Nosferatu)" (Instrumental) 1:12
5."Nosferatu" (Instrumental) 3:34
6."Suicide Command" 4:20
7."Spiral Dream"Tom G. Warrior4:03
Side B
8."R.I.P"  5:36
9."Coma"  4:15
10."Fried Alive"  4:40
11."Intro (Totentanz)" (Instrumental)Andy M. SiegristRobert de Visée0:52
12."Totentanz"  4:13
13."Outro" (Instrumental)  1:15
Total length:44:57


Band Members
  • Ron Broder (as Ron Royce) - Vocals, Bass
  • Tommy Vetterli (as Tommy T. Baron) - Guitars
  • Marky Edelmann (as Marquis Marky) - Drums
  • Micha Good - Skull logo
  • M. Marky - Cover design, Pictures
  • Alex Solca - Band photos
  • Harris Johns - Producer, Engineering, Mixing


  • Nosferatu is a synonym for vampire and is the title of film by F.W. Murnau, though it is not known whether this film had a direct influence on Coroner.
  • The intro of "Totentanz" is actually a cover of a bourrée by French composer Robert de Visée (c.1650 - 1725), and was written by A.M. Siegrist.
  • "Nosferatu" is an instrumental.
  • The 12" vinyl and cassette releases by former Canadian record label Cobra Records cuts the track listing short to 8 songs, excluding the instrumentals and keeping only Nosferatu
  • The 1993 cassette release by former Italian record label Armando Curcio Editore excludes "Spiral Dream" and the "Outro" song
  • The 2003 CD re-releases by Death Cult Switzerland and Noise Records adds "Spiral Dream" as a bonus track


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