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R.K.M & Ken-Y
Also known as El Duo Romantico, Rakim & Ken-Y, Los Magnificos, Los Reyes De Mambo
Origin Gurabo, Puerto Rico
Years active 2003–2013, 2017–present[1]
  • José Nieves (R.K.M.)
  • Kenny Vázquez (Ken-Y)

R.K.M & Ken-Y, is a Grammy Award-nominated romantic reggaeton duo formed in 2003 by José Nieves (R.K.M.) and Kenny Vázquez (Ken-Y). They began their career in 2003 under the tutelage of Chencho (part of the duo Plan B), who introduced him to Notty Play founder of Money Machine Records but later joining forces with Pina Records, appearing in the compilation that looked for to sponsor and to give greater publicity to multiple novice artists The Draft 2005. In 2013 Raphy Pina, president of the company Pina Records announces the separation of the duo, and the publication of albums as soloists; To the time after both leave Pina Records to publish their albums under their own record companies. In June 2017, the duo announced their official return by Pina Records and at the same time launching the remix version of the theme Más Que Ayer next to Arcángel & De La Ghetto.[1]

Early career[edit]

The duo started their music career in high school. R.K.M (formerly known as "Rakim" but changed to avoid confusion with the established hip-hop artist Rakim) was inspired by the explosion of reggaeton music in the 1990s. He encouraged Ken-Y to join him to form a duo; they performed at 15th birthday parties (quinceañeras) and public events.

Nicky Jam gave them a chance to make an appearance on his album, Vida Escante. They were featured on "Pasado" and "Me Estoy Muriendo". These singles were hits[vague] in Latin America.[citation needed] They also won The Draft, a contest for upcoming Latin artists. They won the best Latin and reggaeton award in 2007.

Professional career[edit]

Rakim y Ken-Y hail both from Gurabo, Puerto Rico, Ken-Y was born on September 7, 1986 and have turned into one of the most recognized duos in Reggaeton. By the time they debuted in the compilation album "Warriors 4" many established duos in Puerto Rico had already dismantled, including Héctor y Tito, Baby Rasta y Gringo and Karel y Voltio. Their debut song was not a hit, but they were quickly compared to the more famous Zion y Lennox, referring to the way that one of them sings and the other raps. Their first label was The Money Machine which was owned by veteran Notty Play. That year they also appeared on Ban2 Korrupto which was released by their label. They kept making more appearances like on "The Noise Live" but were still virtually unknown. The duo released a mixtape entitled "Los Reyes del Mambo". This mixtape, produced completely by Ken-Y, caught the attention of Nicky Jam, who presented it to Raphy Pina, owner of the Pina Records label. Raphy liked the mixtape so much that he wanted the rookie duo in his label, after their contract with Money Machine was fulfilled, he convinced them to sign with Pina Records. Their first appearance with the label was in the compilation album "Pina All - Stars 2", which was a collection of many hit songs released by Pina Records artists. Raphy used this cd to release new songs by Rakim y Ken-Y to the public. At the time of the release, the Nicky Jam album "Vida Escante" was also released, on this album the duo recorded a song (Me Estoy Muriendo) in which Nicky Jam introduced them as the new members of Pina Records. They also had a song with Nicky Jam entitled "Pasado", which originally came out in their mixtape, but Nicky liked it so much he wanted a version with him for his cd.[citation needed]Don Omar, a former member of Pina Records, was preparing to release a cd he was executive producer of entitled "Los Bandoleros." Omar invited all his former labelmates from Pina Records to record for the album, including Lito, Nicky Jam, Polaco and Rakim y Ken-Y. The duo's contribution to the Don Omar album, entitled "Si la Vez", helped mold the group into a more mainstream attraction. Boy Wonder, producer of the CD/DVD Chosen Few El Documental and Chencho, of the popular but controversial duo Plan B, were producing a CD entitled "El Draft" del reggaeton which provided up and coming artists a shot at recognition. Fans were given the opportunity to vote for their favorite artists, and Rakim y Ken-Y won the competition Raphy Pina announced that Masterpiece, their upcoming album, would be released. However, things took a bad turn though when someone broke in the Pina Records studio and destroyed everything. All the work they had put on the cd was lost. Instead of moping around however, they quickly resumed work right away at a rented studio but the release date had to be pushed back, which conveniently ended up being Valentine's Day. Finally, after much anticipation and hard work, Masterpiece was released, debuting at #3 in the Latin Billboards, behind only Marc Anthony's "Sigo siendo yo." Their single "Down" debuted at #1.. On August 18, the duo had their first concert in a sold-out Choliseo. Currently, they are working on a Pina Records compilation album titled "Los Magnificos." The album was nominated for Premio Lo Nuestro of 2007.[2] Their first hit single was "Down", reaching #1 on the Billboard Hot Latin Songs chart in 2006. Four other singles were released from the album, as well as music videos. It won many awards.[vague] The album went platinum and sold about 600,000 copies.[2] The duo went on a tour across the world.[citation needed] They have released the songs performed on tour on an album entitled Masterpiece: World Tour (Sold Out). They have also released a special edition version of the album entitled Masterpiece Commemorative Edition.

Their studio album, The Royalty, was released on September 9, 2008.

The first single released from the album was "Mis Días Sin Ti". Raphy Pina announced the return of R.K.M & Ken-Y February 15, 2008. The date was actually a concert they held in the Choliseo in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The concert's headline was "Romantic en el Choliseo". Reggaeton artists like Wisin & Yandel, Tito "El Bambino", Nicky Jam, Rene Moz and Arcangel were present. Other artists like N'Klabe and Karis were also present.

And three years later they released their final studio album "Forever" on February 14, 2011, Two singles were released from the album, And have features in this album Zion & Lennox, Alexis & Fido and Arthur Hanlon.

On 2012 released Cuando Te Enamores which became part of the most popular album of 2013 La Formula featuring Plan B, Zion & Lennox, Arcangel, Lobo and more. Which was the last work of R.K.M & Ken-Y before returning as a Duo on mid 2017.

Since their first album, R.K.M & Ken-Y have appeared and guest starred on many songs. They have worked with artists such as Cruzito, Don Omar, Daddy Yankee, José Feliciano, Pitbull, Héctor "El Father", David Bisbal, Ivy Queen, Chino & Nacho, Hector Acosta "El Torito", Plan B, Tony Dize and Zion & Lennox.


On April 10, 2013, the producer Raphy Pina announced that the duo would separate but they continued with their scheduled performances and appearances. Both artists took this decision with each focusing on future solo projects.[3][4][5]

R.K.M's album will be called "Diferente" (which was supposed to be released in 2017 due to the Duo getting back), and Ken-Y's "The King of Romance" (which was released on January 22, 2016). R.K.M will continue with rapping although he begun singing to make things, as his album states, different. Ken-Y will continue with his romantic style of singing.

Both artists left their long time co workers from Pina Records after their contract expired, but returned to the company since it is where they are most familiar with.

2017-Present The Return of The Duo & Upcoming Album[edit]

On June 23, 2017 and after 4 years of separation R.K.M & Ken-Y return with the perfect formula to conquer their seat. Under the command of its creator Raphy Pina the duo announces their return ready to fall back on the world with their unique style. The duo starts their union with the remix of success played by Arcángel & De La Ghetto's songs Más Que Ayer.[6][1]


R.K.M provides rapping verses for many songs while Ken-Y provides the vocal lyrics. R.K.M tends to have fast, upbeat verses while Ken-Y sings many hooks.[citation needed]

Ken-Y does most of the singing within their songs while R.K.M only gets a few seconds to rap.[citation needed]

Later on R.K.M started singing small parts or Soft Rapping, but Ken-Y still did most of the singing, and R.K.M most of the rapping, R.K.M started to have slower rapping verses in the album Forever. R.K.M will do some slow verses on their upcoming songs.

Personal Lives[edit]

On January 16, 2009, R.K.M married Lizbert Cruz in Caguas, Puerto Rico.[citation needed] R.K.M has two boys and Ken-Y remains unmarried but has and has two girls and one boy.[citation needed]They continue to reside in Puerto Rico.


Studio albums[edit]

Compilation/live albums[edit]

Solo Albums[edit]


  • "Down"
  • "Me Matas"
  • "Dame Lo Que Quiero"
  • "Igual Que Ayer"
  • "Down (Remix)" (featuring Hector "El Father")
  • "Oh Oh, ¿Porqué Te Están Velando?"
  • "Llorarás"
  • "Mis Días Sin Ti"
  • "Te Regalo Amores"
  • "Tuve Un Sueno" (featuring Plan B)
  • "Vicio Del Pecado"
  • "Quiero Un Pueblo Que Cante" (featuring Plan B, Cruzito & Tony Dize)
  • "Te Ame En Mis Suenos"
  • "Por Amor A Ti"
  • "Más"
  • "Mi Corazón Esta Muerto"
  • "Cuando Te Enamores"
  • "Princesa" (Ken-Y only)
  • "Donde Estas" (RKM Only)
  • "Navegar En Mis Recuerdos" (Ken-Y only)
  • "Quedate Junto A Mi"
  • "Regalo De Quinceanera" (Ken-Y only)
  • " Prefiero Morir" (Ken-Y only)
  • " A Ella Le Gusta El Dembow" (featuring Zion & Lennox)


Year Song Featured artist(s)
2004 "Pasado" Nicky Jam feat. R.K.M & Ken-Y
"Me Estoy Muriendo"
"Si La Ves" R.K.M & Ken-Y feat. Don Omar
2005 "Ando Solo" Polaco feat. Ken-Y
2006 "La Noche Más Triste" Lito & Polaco feat. Ken-Y
"Tengo Un Amor (Remix)" Toby Love feat. R.K.M & Ken-Y
2007 "Quizás (Remix)" Tony Dize feat. Ken-Y
"En Que Fallamos (Remix)" Ivy Queen feat. Ken-Y
"Fans" Tito "El Bambino" feat. R.K.M & Ken-Y
"¿Quién Me Iba A Decir? (Remix)" David Bisbal feat. R.K.M & Ken-Y
"Si Ya No Estás" N'Klabe feat. R.K.M & Ken-Y
"La Amas Como Yo" Karis feat. Ken-Y
"Mar y Cielo" José Feliciano feat. R.K.M & Ken-Y
"Gas Pela" Nicky Jam feat. R.K.M
"Ton Ton Ton" Nicky Jam feat. R.K.M & Ken-Y
"Quédate Con Él" Nicky Jam feat. Ken-Y and Cruzito
2008 "Quién Dijo Amigos (Remix)" Ana Isabelle feat. R.K.M & Ken-Y
"Vicio del Pecado" R.K.M & Ken-Y feat. Héctor Acosta "El Torito"
"Te Regalo Amores (Remix)" R.K.M & Ken-Y feat. Ivy Queen
2009 "Te Amo (Remix)" Makano feat. R.K.M & Ken-Y
"El Perdedor (Remix)" Aventura feat. Ken-Y
"Tu Primera Vez" Héctor Acosta "El Torito" feat. R.K.M & Ken-Y
"No Hay Nadie Mas" Nicky Jam feat. R.K.M
"El Culpable Soy Yo (Remix)" Cristian Castro feat. R.K.M & Ken-Y
"One In A Million" Ken-Y feat. Cruzito
2009 "Se Apagó La Llama" Chino & Nacho feat. R.K.M & Ken-Y
"Mi Amor Es Pobre" Tony Dize feat. Arcángel and Ken-Y
2010 "Mi Delirio (Remix)" Anahí feat. Ken-Y
"El Doctorado (Remix)" Tony Dize feat. Ken-Y and Don Omar
"Lloras" R.K.M & Ken-Y feat. Plan B
"Déjame Entrar" R.K.M & Ken-Y feat. Marcos Yaroide
2011 "Bésame (Remix)" R.K.M & Ken-Y feat. feat. Nova & Jory
"Tus Recuerdos Son Mi Dios" R.K.M & Ken-Y feat. Pipe Calderón
"No Vuelvas (Remix)" R.K.M & Ken-Y feat. Zion & Lennox
"Solo Pienso En Ti (Remix)" Jerry Rivera feat. Ken-Y
"Pienso en Ti (Remix)" Eloy feat. R.K.M & Ken-Y
"3 Pa' 3" R.K.M feat. Maldy and Lennox
2012 "Diosa de los Corazones" La Formula: R.K.M & Ken-Y, Zion & Lennox, Arcángel and Lobo
"More" Zion feat. Jory and Ken-Y
"La Fórmula Perfecta" Ken-Y feat. Arcángel & De La Ghetto
"Pasarla Bien" R.K.M feat. Lobo and Jalil
"La Fórmula Sigue" R.K.M & Ken-Y feat. Arcángel, Plan B and Zion & Lennox
"Cuando Te Enamores" R.K.M & Ken-Y feat. J Álvarez
2013 "Llégale Ya" Erick J feat. Ken-Y
"Ella Me Pide Calor" R.K.M feat. Ñengo Flow
"Princesa (Remix)" Ken-Y feat.Jerry Rivera
"No Vuelvo" Victor Manuelle feat.Ken-Y


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