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R.K. Sennaya Swamy Muthukrishnan
Born Bodinayakkanur
Residence India
Occupation anthro-biometricist and egyptologist[1]
Website www.anthrobiometry.com "R.K.Sennaya Swamy Muthukrishnan,Anthro biometric and ancient culture research". abacfoundation.org. Retrieved 2014-04-03. 

R. K. Sennaya Swamy Muthukrishnan is an Indian egyptologist best known for discovering that the base triangles of the Egyptian pyramids of Giza are equal in angular measurements to those of the Sri Yantra.[2] He is author of the book The Egyptian Code: The Secret Code Used by Pharaohs that Can Turn Small Businesses into Empires.[3] He uses anthro biometric methods to make predictions. He is involved in creating anthrobiometric art, which, he states, will have influence in the development of mankind.[4]


R. K. S. Muthukrishnan was born into the Kambalathu Nayakar community.[5][6] His father, R. K. Sennaya Swamy, was a freedom fighter in the Indian independence struggle.[7] Muthukrishnan started out as a draftsman. Later he realized the futility of architectural drawings and began his quest to find connections between "geometry and man" and "geometry and God", spurred on by the reprinting of a scientific journal article about Sri Yantra, an ancient Hindu ritualistic symbol, in The Hindu newspaper, regarding the research of soviet researcher Alexy Pavlovich Kulaichev.[8] Muthukrishnan has proposed that triangles have practical functions. He stated that nowhere is this more evident than in the ancient pyramids of Egypt which, according to him, were not tombs but giant instruments to harness cosmic energies for practical purposes.[9] His research findings about the relationship between the Sri Yantra and the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt were published in many international media outlets.[2]


Muthukrishnan has used the Sri Yantra principle to make predictions concerning famous personalities, their lives and careers, based on energy readings. [10] Muthukrishnan predicted in January 2005 that Lakshmi Nivas Mittal, the UK-based, NRI steel magnate, would face adversities as he crossed the Carbon Phase (downtrend period).[11] On 20 June 2005, Mittal, as predicted, faced severe adversities in South Africa, where he was dragged into a legal battle over the acquisition of a South African steel plant.[12] Muthukrishnan also predicted the death of Rajiv Gandhi, the former prime minister of India on Tamil Nadu soil at the hands of the LTTE.[12]

The Hindustan Times, in its article in HT Diary on 13 September, 1993, called Muthukrishnan "an extraordinary man".[13]


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