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R.C. Bray
Robert Bray
Other namesBon Shaw[1]
  • CT School of Broadcasting, 2003
  • WCSU CTA Major (Communications/Theatre Arts), 1994-98
Notable work

R. C. Bray is a producer and voice actor known for over 250 audiobooks, an Audie Award, Earphones Awards, and Voice Arts Awards winner,[5] Off-Broadway and Edinburgh Fringe Festival performer, and TV and radio commercial narrator.[6]

Early life[edit]

From age 14 Bray acted in school plays, going on to major in theatre at college before taking a job making commercials where he listened to audiobooks on his commute.[7]


Title/Series Author
The Martian Andy Weir
After It Happened Devon C. Ford
Arisen series Michael Stephen Fuchs
Expeditionary Force Craig Alanson
Galaxy's Edge Nick Cole, Jason Anspach
Infinite Jeremy Robinson
The Others Jeremy Robinson
MirrorWorld Jeremy Robinson
Island 731 (Nemesis Book 0) Jeremy Robinson
Xom-B Jeremy Robinson
The Didymus Contingency Jeremy Robinson
Mountain Man Keith C. Blackmore
Planetside Michael Mammay
Spaceside Michael Mammay
Sixth Cycle Carl Sinclair, Darren Wearmouth
The Fear Saga Stephen Moss
The Hell Divers Trilogy Nicholas Sansbury Smith
The Retreat Series Craig DiLouie, Stephen Knight, Joe McKinney
These Dead Lands: Immolation Stephen Knight, Scott Wolf
The Reason You're Alive Matthew Quick
The Commune Series Joshua Gayou
The Dimension Space Series Dean M. Cole


  • Voice Arts Award 2017 for Short Story Anthology[8]
  • Audie Award for Best Science Fiction Audiobook 2015[9][10]
  • Voice Arts Award 2015 for Crime & Thriller[11]
  • Listen-Up Award 2014 for Fiction & Audiobook Narrator of the Year[12]
  • ABR Listeners Choice Award 2018 for Best Science Fiction Audiobook[13]


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