R. Chandrasekhar

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Shri R Chandrasekhar
Born Andhra Pradesh, India
Occupation President of NASSCOM, Former Telecom Secretary

Shri R Chandrasekhar is the current president of NASSCOM and former Secretary to the Indian Department of Information Technology.[1] He is also a member of the government's technology advisory group, TAGUP.[2] Chandrasekhar is an Indian Administrative Services officer. He has had a distinguished career in the Department of Information Technology, where he initiated the National e-Governance Programme. Chandrasekhar first initiated the three pillars of "e-Governance", namely: Common Service Centre Programme; the State Data Centre Programme; and the State Wide Area Network Programme of India.

He is the former Telecom Secretary of India; a position putting him in charge of the 2G spectrum auction in 2012.[3] The auction had gained widespread attention after the Supreme Court quashed 2G licenses issued in 2008 and called for a fresh auction of the affected licenses.


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