R. G. Kar Medical College and Hospital

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R. G. Kar Medical College and Hospital
Logo of R. G. Kar Medical College and Hospital.gif
Established 1886 (1886)
Principal Suddhodhan Batabyal
Dean Anup Kumar Das
Location Kolkata, West Bengal, India
22°36′15″N 88°22′42″E / 22.604167°N 88.378333°E / 22.604167; 88.378333
Affiliations West Bengal University of Health Sciences
Website http://www.rgkarmch.org

R. G. Kar Medical College and Hospital is a medical school and hospital in Kolkata, West Bengal, India.[1] Though now a government college, it claims to be the first non-governmental medical college to be established in Asia.[2] It was founded to ensure self sufficiency (Swaraj) in medical education and services in the colonial era. It was earlier under University of Calcutta (1916-2003) and was affiliated to West Bengal University of Health Sciences when it was established in 2003. It has the largest government run hospital in the state of West Bengal,India. R.G. Kar Medical college and Hospital completed 100 years of its service in the year 2016 (1916-2016).[3]


Established in 1886 as The Calcutta School of Medicine, it had no affiliated hospital and practiced out of the small Mayo Hospital.[3] In 1902, it moved to its own complex, including a school building and hospital. In 1904, it merged with the National College of Physicians and Surgeons of Bengal and, after a period of further growth, was renamed as The Belgachia Medical College in 1916.[3][4] From 1918 to 1948, the college was known as Carmichael Medical College in honor of Thomas Gibson-Carmichael, who was the Governor of Bengal when the college was inaugurated (1916). The institution was given its current name on 12 May 1948 to honor Dr. Radha Govinda Kar who first conceived of it.[3][5][6] In May 1958, the college came under the control of the government of Indian state of West Bengal.[3]


University and college rankings
Medical - India
India Today (2017)[7] 11

R. G. Kar Medical College was ranked 11th among medical colleges in India in 2017 by India Today.[7]


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