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Rodrigo Garcia y Robertson (born 1949) is an American writer of historical and fantasy fiction. He holds a Ph.D in history and taught at UCLA and Villanova University before becoming a full-time writer. In addition to his eight novels, he has had numerous short stories published in fantasy and science fiction anthologies. He lives in Mount Vernon, Washington.

Firebird by R. Garcia y Robertson


Knight Errant series[edit]

  1. Knight Errant (New York: Forge Books/Tom Doherty Associates, 2001) ISBN 0-312-86996-7
  2. Lady Robyn (New York: Forge Books/Tom Doherty Associates, 2003) ISBN 0-312-86995-9
  3. White Rose (New York: Forge Books/Tom Doherty Associates, 2004) ISBN 0-312-86994-0

The Virgin and the Dinosaur series[edit]

  1. The Virgin and the Dinosaur (Avon Books, 1996) ISBN 0-380-77978-1
  2. Atlantis Found (Avon Books, 1997) ISBN 0-380-78678-8



  • The Moon Maid and Other Fantastic Adventures (Collinsville, Illinois: Golden Gryphon Press, 1998) ISBN 0-9655901-8-6

Short Stories[edit]

  • "The Other Magpie" in Flying Cups & Saucers: Gender explorations in Science Fiction & Fantasy, Debbie Notkin & The Secret Feminist Cabal, editors (Cambridge: Edgewood Press, 1998) ISBN 0-9629066-8-9
  • "Firebird" in In Lands That Never Were: Tales of Swords and Sorcery from the Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, Gordon Van Gelder, editor (New York: Thunder's Mouth Press, 2004) ISBN 1-56858-314-1
  • "Fair Verona" in Year's Best SF 3, David G. Hartwell, editor (New York: HarperPrism, 1998) ISBN 0-06-105901-3
  • "Oxygen Rising" in Year's Best SF 11, David G. Hartwell and Kathryn Cramer, editors (New York: EOS/HarperCollins, 2006) ISBN 0-06-087341-8

Not a complete list of short stories and essays. More detailed lists can be found at Locus Magazine's index to science fiction, 1984-1998, accessed April 23, 2010 and at the Internet Speculative Fiction Database, accessed April 23, 2010.


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