R. I. S. – Die Sprache der Toten

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R. I. S. - Die Sprache der Toten
Genre Crime drama
Created by Georg Kemter
Starring Julian Weigend
Jana Klinge
Tillbert Strahl-Schäfer
Proschat Madani
Hansa Czypionka
Nicole Marischka
Catherine Bode
Denis Petkovic
Mathis Künzler
Opening theme "It's No Good" by
Depeche Mode
Country of origin Germany
Original language(s) German
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 25 (list of episodes)
Location(s) Berlin, Germany
Running time 45'
Original network Sat.1
Audio format stereo
Original release 25 March2007 – 7 February 2008
External links
Website www.sat1.de/filme_serien/ris

R. I. S. – Die Sprache der Toten is a German television series broadcast by Sat.1 since 2007. The R. I. S. in the title is an acronym for Rechtsmedizinische Investigative Sonderkommission, referring to the fictional police investigation unit that is the focus of the series. The series, a crime drama, is a remake of an Italian television series entitled RIS Delitti Imperfetti.

The first season ended on 10 June 2007. The second and final season [1] with another 13 episodes began airing 15 November 2007.

Plot summary[edit]

R. I. S. – Die Sprache der Toten is the second spin-off series of RIS Delitti Imperfetti. The Series follows the team of experts in Berlin who are trying to solve the crime with the help of evidence. The head of the R.I.S team is Philip Jacobi.


Character Played by Seasons
1 2
Philip Jacobi Julian Weingend Main
Marie Severin Jana Klinge Main
Timo Braun Tillbert Strahl-Schäfer Main
Judith Karimi Proschat Madani Main
Paul Schreider Hansa Czypionka Main
dr. Stefani Peters Nicole Marischka Main
Katja Fried Catherine Bode Main
Benno Wilms Dejan Petković Main
Marcus Heuser Mathis Künzler Main
  • Philip Jacobi (Julian Weigend) - The head of the plan of the molecular geneticist exudes a natural authority and expect top performance from its employees. Philip only survived almost in its working environment, since his wife Jeanette, an archaeologist, with a return flight from one of her expeditions died in the explosion of a bomb on the plane.
  • Marie Severin (Jana Klinge) - Biologist and computer scientist and thus a specialist in everything that has anything to do with computers. She is new to the team and has yet to prove. For men, there seems to be no place in their lives, because they can bounce off any overtures in. This is due to a two-years earlier rape, of which only Philip Jacobi knows to whom she is attracted from the beginning.
  • Timo Braun (Tillbert Strahl-Schäfer) - The ballistics of the team, is a womanizer. Still, he knows how to set his priorities and his job he always professional bands to attach the proper importance.
  • Judith Karimi (Proschat Madani) - Chemist, is an unconditional perfectionist since childhood. Accordingly, it also attracted school and study through in record time. Between their colleagues, who are also the best in their respective subject area, she feels comfortable, although these have to suffer a bit sometimes under their boundless zeal.
  • Paul Schneider (Hansa Czypionka) - He is a legend in his field and started basic standard works. The biologist and molecular geneticist joined the police after his daughter was killed by a road hog and since then is in a wheelchair. The culprit was never caught.
  • Dr. Stefanie Peters (Nicole Marischka) - She is the Medical Examiner of the crack you always. with humor and diligence in the matter Sometimes they need help, which is raising their child at home next to the profession and her husband.
  • Katja Fried (Catherine Bode) - She comes from difficult social backgrounds. Backpressure and ridicule from the outside, they put her desire to become a police officer, by. This uncompromising approach distinguishes their work from today.
  • Benno Wilms (Denis Petković) - He is the direct connection of the R. I. S. for criminal investigation.
  • Marcus Heuser (Mathis Künzler) - He is crime tehnician and anti-teroristic specialist in the team. He left R.I.S at the end of the season 1.


Series Episodes Originally broadcast
Series premiere Series finale
1 12 25 March 2007 10 June 2007
2 13 15 November 2007 7 February 2008

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