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This article is about the scholar R. K. Sinha. For the Chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission of India, see Ratan Kumar Sinha.

Radha Krishna Sinha (Hindi: राधा कृष्ण सिन्हा; 1 January 1917 – 27 August 2003) was an Indian scholar of English literature. He came from a family of elite intellectuals and academics.[1] He was a DPhil from the University of Oxford and the head of the Department of English, Patna University.[1] All his children and grandchildren teach English Literature.[1]


Sinha was born in an affluent family on 1 January 1917 at Maheshpur in the district of Munger in Bihar.[2] He was a gold medallist at his university for his Master of Arts (English) degree and obtained a DPhil from the University of Oxford in 1950, he had been teaching at the University of Patna from 7 July 1938 to 31 January 1979, the topic of his research was Literary Influences on D H Lawrence.[2] His guide was Lord David Cecil, an authority on Victorian novels.[2] Sinha did research from October 1946 to December 1949 under his supervision.[2]


  • Lt General S K Sinha, Governor of Jammu and Kashmir, I had the privilege of being taught by R K Sinha, he commanded respect, by his sincerity, depth of knowledge and teaching ability, he became a colossus, in English literature.[2]
  • Dinesh Nandan Sahay, Governor of Tripura, Dr Sinha, whose student I had been a legend in his life time, a versatile Professor of English of the Patna University, was a living encyclopaedia of English literature and an ocean of knowledge.[2]


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