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Royal Léopold FC is a Belgian football club from the city of Brussels. It was founded in 1893 as Léopold Football Club and encountered many name changes in its history, the last of them following a string of merges to keep the matricule n°5 alive (such as with R.C.S. La Forestoise in 1996 for example); it changed name to the present one in July 2014. It plays in the Belgian Promotion D, the fourth level in Belgian football),in 1895 as Léopold Club (first name change) and finished 4th. It was then a club for the bourgeoisie and nobility in Brussels

In 1912-13 it played in the second division but managed to secure a place for the next first division season. But it finished last again in the last season before World War I and never managed to come back at the top level.