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Stuart McGregor

Ronald Stuart McGregor, commonly R. S. McGregor (or Stuart McGregor) (died 19 August 2013), was a philologist of the Hindi language.[1] Best known as editor of the Oxford Hindi-English Dictionary, a standard reference work published in 1993 after a sustained effort of twenty years,[1] McGregor was a Fellow of Wolfson College and retired as Reader in Hindi at the University of Cambridge.[2]


McGregor was born in New Zealand in 1929.[3] His parents were Scottish. After obtaining his BA, he studied early English philology at Oxford, and learned Hindi. He attended the University of Allahabad in 1959–60 to study Hindi. His PhD thesis, The Language of Indrajit of Orchā – A Study of Early Braj Bhāsā Prose, was published in 1968.[2]


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