1993 bombing of RSS office in Chennai

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R. S. S. Chennai bombing
Location Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Date 8 August 1993
Deaths 11
Non-fatal injuries

Coordinates: 13°00′25″N 0°12′11″E / 13.007°N 0.203°E / 13.007; 0.203 1993 bombing of RSS office in Chennai refers to the bombing of head office of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh in Chennai in Tamil Nadu on 8 August 1993.The bombings left 11 persons dead and 7 others injured.

The special CBI court tried 18 accused under the now-defunct TADA. Of the total 18 accused, Imam Ali and Palani Baba died during the trial and Mushtaq Ahmed is absconding. The court sentenced three accused to life imprisonment and acquitted four others including Al-Umma founder S A Basha. The Supreme Court acquitted Kaza Nizamuddin, Hyder Ali and Abubucker Siddique. They had been earlier given life imprisonment by a TADA court in Chennai for being involved in the blast on 6 August 1993 at the RSS office in Chennai

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