1993 bombing of RSS office in Chennai

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R. S. S. Chennai bombing
Location Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Date 8 August 1993
Deaths 11
Non-fatal injuries

Coordinates: 13°00′25″N 0°12′11″E / 13.007°N 0.203°E / 13.007; 0.203 1993 bombing of RSS office in Chennai refers to the bombing of head office of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh in Chennai in Tamil Nadu on 8 August 1993.The bombings left 11 persons dead and 7 others injured.

The special CBI court tried 18 accused under the now-defunct TADA. They had been earlier given life imprisonment by a TADA court in Chennai for being involved in the blast on 6 August 1993 at the RSS office in Chennai

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