R. Zamora Linmark

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R. Zamora Linmark
Nationality American
Notable works Rolling the R’s - Novel
Prime Time Apparitions - Poetry
The Evolution of a Sigh - Poetry[1]

R. Zamora Linmark, born in Manila, is a Filipino American poet, novelist, and playwright. He earned a bachelor's degree from the University of Hawaii in Honolulu. He is the recipient of a Japan-United States Friendship Commission, a winner of a National Endowment for the Arts creative writing fellowship in poetry (2001), and was a Fulbright Foundation Senior Lecturer/Researcher in the Philippines (2005-2006). He was a Distinguished Visiting Professor in Creative Writing at the University of Hawaii and University of Miami.[2][3]

Professional life[edit]

His first, a novel, Rolling the R's was released by Kaya Press in 1995. Linmark then went on to adapt it for the stage, receiving a world premiere production from Kumu Kahua in 2008.

Hanging Loose Press published two of Linmark's poetry collections: Prime Time Apparitions (2005) and The Evolution of a Sigh (2008). Of his first collection of poems, Prime Time Apparitions, poet Mark Doty wrote: "...witty and disenchanted, sexy and touched, jangled with longing and the crazed changes the wild new world works."[4] Both of his collections of poetry are available from Hanging Loose Press.

Personal life[edit]

He currently divides his time between Manila and Honolulu.[5]


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  • Prime Time Apparitions. Hanging Loose Press (2005)
  • The Evolution of a Sigh. Hanging Loose Press (2008)
  • Leche. Coffee House Press (2011).


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