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R3, R.III or R-3 or R/3 may refer to:




  • BBC Radio 3, a radio operated by the BBC within the United Kingdom
  • R3 (TV series), produced by the BBC between 1964 and 1965
  • Region 3, the DVD region code for Southeast Asia, South Korea, Republic of China (Taiwan), Hong Kong, Macau
  • Resistance 3, the third game in the Resistance series
  • R3 (video game), a computer game for the Amiga series of computers in 1995


  • Version of the German Rheintochter ground to air missile
  • R-3 (tank), a proposed Romanian tank design for use in World War II
  • USS R-3 (SS-80), a 1919 R-class coastal and harbor defense submarine of the United States Navy
  • Vympel K-13, an air-to-air missile known as R-3S in Soviet service



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