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Industry Computer software
Genre Technology
Founded 2006
Founder David Wartell
Number of locations
One (1) [1]
Key people
David Wartell (Vice president), Rick Pleczko (CEO) [2]
Products R1Soft Continuous Data Protection, Idera Hot copy, Idera Hyper-V VHD Explorer
Website www.r1soft.com

R1Soft is a division of BBS Technologies an international computer software company, dealing in the area of Continuous Data Protection, disk-based online backups, disaster recovery, and bare-metal restore in both Windows and Linux servers.[3]


R1Soft was founded in 2006 as Righteous Software Inc., a privately held company. Originally focused on Continuous Data Protection for Linux, R1Soft expanded their product capable of performing backups every 5 minutes[3] to Windows and Virtual Machines.

Once a Network engineer for EV1 Servers, David Wartell identified the market opportunity for an affordable high performance backup software that could meet the needs of mass market hosting and cloud servers that often had no reliable backup method.[4]


R1Soft provides Continuous Data Protection and disaster recovery for Windows and Linux servers to Cloud computing and small and medium enterprises. By focusing on only two operating systems (Windows and Linux) R1Soft has developed highly specialized device drivers that determine what data blocks need to be copied before the backup operation starts. This reduces typical server backup Windows from hours to minutes, even on large data sets.[3]

Market Share[edit]

  • November 2008: 90,000 servers.[5]
  • June 2010: 185,000 servers.[6]
  • November 2011: 200,000 servers.[7]
  • August 2014: 300,000 servers.[8]

Registered Trademarks[edit]

  • R1Soft[9]
  • Continuous Data Protection[10]
  • Disk Safe[11]
  • True Granular[12]
  • Righteous[13]
  • Righteous Software[14]
  • Lights Out Data Center[15]
  • Righteous Bare-Metal[16]

Righteous Software Inc. merger[edit]

Righteous Software Inc., commonly known as R1Soft, was originally a Houston, Texas-based software company. It was formed in August 2006 by David Wartell.

In December 2007 BBS Technologies Inc., commonly known as Idera, an international computer software company, dealing in the area of Microsoft SQL Server, acquired R1Soft.[17]

In July 2014 R1Soft Server Backup Manager was acquired by Continuum.[8]

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