R1 ring road (Belgium)

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Route information
Maintained by the Roads and Traffic Agency of the Flemish government
Length17 km (11 mi)
Major junctions
FromAntwerpen-Noord junction
 AB-Kreuz.svg Antwerpen-Noord junction
E 19 / A1, A12

AB-AS.svg 1 Merksem N129
AB-Brücke.svg Merksem Viaduct
AB-AS.svg 2 Deurne
N129, N120
AB-Kreuz.svg Antwerpen-Oost junction E 313 / E 34 / A13
AB-AS.svg 3 Borgerhout N184
AB-AS.svg 4 Berchem N1
AB-Kreuz.svg Antwerpen-Zuid junction
A12, E 19 / A1, N155
AB-AS.svg 5 La Grellelaan N150
AB-Kreuz.svg Antwerpen-Centrum junction A122
AB-AS.svg 5a Het Zuid N113
AB-Tunnel.svg Kennedytunnel
AB-AS.svg 6 Linkeroever N70
AB-Kreuz.svg Antwerpen-West junction E 17 / A14

AB-AS.svg 7 Sint-Anna Linkeroever E 34 / A11 N49a
ToSint-Anna Linkeroever
Highway system
Motorways in Belgium

The R1 is the ring road around the city of Antwerp, Belgium.

The ring road is not complete; however, its completion is planned with the long running proposed construction of the Oosterweel Link which would cross the Scheldt river. The existing Scheldt crossing is via the Kennedy Tunnel. In order to increase the liveability of the Antwerp people by diminishing particulate matter and noise disturbance, the organisation Ringland proposed that the ring road would be fully roofed.[1]

The road is largely built on the area of the former Brialmont Fortress around the city of Antwerp, which was constructed between 1859 and 1863.[2]

Antwerp ring road


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