R211 (New York City Subway car)

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"R211" redirects here. For the refrigerant "1,1,1,2,2,3,3-Heptachloro-3-fluoropropane", see List of refrigerants. For the road, see Route 211. For the Junkers Juno 211R engine, see Junkers Jumo 211.
R211 (New York City Subway car)
Manufacturer TBA
  • all remaining R44s (SIR, if possible)
  • all remaining R46s
Number under construction None (940 planned)
Number built 0 (still in planning)
Number in service 0 (currently)
Fleet numbers TBD
Train length 5-car train: 301.05 feet (91.76 m)
10-car train: 602.1 feet (183.5 m)
Car length 60.21 feet (18.35 m)
Width TBD
Height TBA
Doors 8 per car
Maximum speed TBD
Prime mover(s) electric motor
Electric system(s) 600 V DC Third rail
Current collection method Contact shoe
Braking system(s) TBD
Safety system(s) emergency brakes
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in) standard gauge

The R211 is a future new technology (NTT) New York City Subway car to be ordered for the B Division. It will replace the current fleet of R46s with 940 60 foot cars. [1] The MTA's 20 Year Capital Assessment mentions the possibility that the R211 may feature open gangways, which would allow passengers to seamlessly walk throughout the train or units.[2]

An R211 solicitation was posted from an ad from Metro Magazine's latest issue dated the week of May 9, 2013, stating the proposal is to acquire these cars in the near future.

When the design work is completed by early 2016, an RFP will be advertised and the contract will be put out for bidding. The contract is expected to be awarded later the same year, at which time the existing R46 fleet will be 41 years old. The R211 is not officially planned to replace the R44 fleet on the Staten Island Railway; however, replacements for the R44s are said to be underway in the 2015-2019 MTA Capital Program.


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