R3 expressway (Slovakia)

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Expressway R3 shield}}

Expressway R3
Rýchlostná cesta R3
in operation under construction in planning
Route information
Part of E77
Major junctions
From: SK/H border
To: SK/PL border
Highway system

R3 is a mostly planned expressway passing through central Slovakia in the north-south direction along the European route E77.

It goes from SK/H border, moving north around Krupina (R7) to Zvolen, from there is currently planned to share an 18 km section with R1/R2 (there are alternative plans to direct it north of Zvolen, where in that case would share around 20 km with R1 to Banská Bystrica, then it would turn west to join certain planned route), then turning north to Martin, sharing a section with the D1, then splitting off in either Kraľovany or Ružomberok, going through the Orava River valley to Trstená, ending at SK/PL border.

From the total length of cca. 230 km (excluding shared sections), there are:

  • 11,9 km in operation (around Oravský Podzámok and from Trstená to the Polish border as a two-lane road, the latter being an unlimited access road)
  • 11,4 km planned (prior to the year 2010)

The rest is planned to be built after year 2010.

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