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RAAF Museum
RAAF Museum - Point Cook.jpg
LocationRAAF Williams Point Cook
Coordinates37°55′50″S 144°44′57″E / 37.930464°S 144.749073°E / -37.930464; 144.749073
TypeMilitary museum
DirectorDavid Gardener

RAAF Museum is the official museum of the Royal Australian Air Force, the second oldest air force in the world, located at RAAF Williams Point Cook, Victoria, Australia. The museum displays aircraft of significance to the RAAF from its inception as the Australian Flying Corps to the present. At the direction of Air Marshal Sir George Jones, the RAAF Museum was formed in 1952 and fell under the administration of Headquarters Point Cook until 1988 when it became a separate unit of the RAAF. It is currently overseen by the force's Air Training Wing.


Entry to the museum is free. The operating hours are Tuesday to Friday 10am - 3pm, Weekends and Public Holidays 10am - 5pm. The museum is closed on Mondays, Christmas Day, and Good Friday.

RAAF Williams (Point Cook) is a working Military facility so adult visitors are required to produce photo identification and sign in to gain entry.

Aircraft on display[edit]

A Bristol Boxkite replica at the Centenary of Military Aviation

Not all of the Museum's collection is permanently exhibited. Among those on display are:[when?]

Static display[edit]

Some of the aircraft, helicopters and missiles displayed in different exhibitions are:

Replica Aircraft[edit]

Training Hangar[edit]

de Havilland Tiger Moth (A17-711)

Technology Hangar[edit]

Hangar 180[edit]


Lockheed C-130A Hercules (A97-214)

Strike Aircraft Hangar[edit]

Aircraft in storage[edit]

CA25-39 Winjeel, A85-439

Currently non-displayed aircraft include:[1]

Flying display[edit]

The museum conducts an interactive flying display at 1pm (1300) every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday for visitors.[3] Aircraft include the museum's own CA-18 Mustang, CAC Winjeel, CT4A Trainer, DH Tiger Moth and Sopwith Pup. Also visiting aircraft from other museums and operators participate in these displays, once the flying display is completed the pilots land and then hold an interactive discussion with the spectators answering any questions they may have.

The Roulettes perform at least twice annually replacing the normal Sunday interactive display, performance dates are shared via Social media.

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