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The RADARSAT Constellation Mission (RCM) is a 2018 space launch mission by the Government of Canada that will consist of a three-spacecraft fleet of Earth observation satellites. With satellites smaller than RADARSAT-2,[1] the RCM will provide new applications—made possible through the constellation approach—as well as continuing to provide C-band radar data to RADARSAT-2 users.[2] Improvements include more frequent area coverage of Canada and reduced risk of a service interruption.[3] The launch of the three satellites that will form the constellation is scheduled for 2018.[4] As of October 2017, the target launch timeframe is Q3, 2018.[5] Manufacturer MDA contracted the launch to SpaceX with a Falcon 9 rocket.[6]

Government and commercial applications broadly include:[citation needed]

Specific examples:[7]

The prime contractor on the project is MacDonald Dettwiler and Associates.

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