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RADA Electronic Industries Ltd.
IndustryInformation technology
FoundedDecember 8, 1970 (1970-12-08)
FounderHaim Niessenson
Key people
Dov Sella (CEO)
ServicesAircraft upgrade
RevenueIncrease US$ 27.52 million (2011)
Increase US$ 1.93 million (2011)
Increase US$ 0.73 million (2011)

RADA Electronic Industries is an Israeli company specializing in defense electronics. It furnishes its clients with data recording and management systems, navigation systems, and radar sensors, among other products.[1] Its shares are traded on the NASDAQ Capital Market.


RADA Electronic Industries was founded in 1970 by Haim Niessenson.[2][3] In 1998, owing to pressure from Boeing, Niessenson retired from his position as CEO of the company. Herzl Boedinger, who was RADA's international marketing manager and president of the U.S.-based subsidiary, and who had earlier served as commander of the Israeli Air Force, became president and CEO of RADA.[4] In 2007, Zvi Alon, who was vice president of marketing and sales and had in the 1980s been involved in the Lavi Project, took on the role of CEO.[5][6]


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