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RAF Prestwick Station Badge

RAF Prestwick (formerly RAF Ayr) was the home of the "Scottish Air Traffic Control Centre (Military)", and was located within the NATS air traffic control (ATC) facility at Prestwick, in Ayrshire, Scotland.[1]

The Scottish Air Traffic Control Centre (Military), or "ScATCC (Mil)" as it is also known, was located within the Prestwick Centre, and was staffed by RAF Air Traffic Control Officers and Air Traffic Control Assistants. Both military and civilian aircraft were controlled by RAF controllers who provided a variety of air traffic services predominantly outside controlled airspace or within airspace designated as Military Training Areas. An "Alerting & Fixing Cell" was co-located with "ScATCC (Mil)" within the Prestwick Centre, specifically tasked to assist aircraft in distress and/or encountering emergency situations.

The Station Badge shows a Lion, (symbolising strength and valour), holding a shepherd's crook, (symbolising watchfulness), within a turret, (symbolising a place of refuge, strength and safety). The unit motto, FAIRE AGUS GLIOCAS, is Scottish Gaelic for "Watchfulness and Wisdom".[2]

RAF Prestwick closed on 7 December 2013, with personnel transferring to the RAF's 'London Military' facilities at the NATS owned London Area Control Centre, Swanwick, Hampshire.[3][4]


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