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Royal Air Force Station Sedgeford
Air Force Ensign of the United Kingdom.svg
Part of Royal Air Force
Located Near Sedgeford, Norfolk, England
Coordinates 52°54′00″N 0°32′34″E / 52.90010°N 0.54290°E / 52.90010; 0.54290
Type Air Force Base
Site history
In use to 1919–1920 (World War I)
1940–1942 (World War II)

RAF Sedgeford was a Royal Air Force station, located in the East of England county of Norfolk, East Anglia.


RAF Sedgeford was used as an airfield in World War I, as a satellite airfield (officially called "Night Landing Grounds") of RAF Great Yarmouth.[1]

World War I[edit]

During World War I, the airfield was used for home defence duties, and was initially attached to the Royal Navy.[2] By 1916, the Royal Flying Corps, a precursor the current RAF, took over the facilities.[2]

After the conclusion of the war, RAF Sedgeford was abandoned around 1919 to 1920.[2]

World War II[edit]

RAF Sedgeford was reused during World War II, when it was classified as a 'Q-type' and 'K-type' bombing decoy.[2]

The buildings and hangars on site made it a dummy airfield, which prevented nearby, functional airfields from being bombed by enemy bombers. At night, the airfield was lighted up, and made to look like an active airfield in order to trick the enemy, again to prevent nearby airfields from being bombed.[2]

Official records recorded RAF Sedgeford to be in operation from June 1940 to August 1942.

Present state[edit]

Smaller buildings, dating back to World War I, survive, as does an air raid shelter that was built during World War II.[2]

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