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RAF Support Command
BranchRoyal Air Force
RoleLogistical and maintenance support
HeadquartersRAF Brampton[1]
Motto(s)Ut Aquilae Volent (That Eagles May Fly)[2]

Support Command was a command of the Royal Air Force.

It was formed on 31 August 1973 by the renaming of RAF Maintenance Command,[3] with No. 90 (Signals) Group being added to it. Its responsibilities included all logistical and maintenance support requirements of the RAF. Among its first stations assigned may have been RAF Gan, transferred from Far East Air Force. It was renamed as RAF Support Command, and its role further increased, on 13 June 1977 when it absorbed Training Command, making it additionally responsible for all RAF ground and aircrew training.

In the 1980s the bunker at RAF Holmpton was converted to form a new Emergency War Headquarters for RAF Support Command.[citation needed]

In 1994 the Command was split up, with many of its functions merging with those of the RAF Personnel Management Centre to form RAF Personnel and Training Command, and others being hived off into RAF Logistics Command.[3]

Air Officers Commanding-in-Chief[edit]

The following officers have held the appointment of Air Officer Commanding-in-Chief RAF Support Command:[3]


Further reading[edit]

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Preceded by
Maintenance Command
Support Command
Succeeded by
Personnel and Training Command
Preceded by
Training Command
Absorbed on 13 June 1977
Succeeded by
Logistics Command