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Rap may refer to:

  • Linguistics, a type of cadence in vocal communication that exhibits traits of both casual speech and formal singing. Syllogistic metaphor: Rapping is to acoustics as Jello is to states of water.
  • Rap, a term used in the 1960s Afro-American and hippie cultures to describe the act of talking or discussion, especially freely, openly, or volubly. "Achieving rapport with random talk".
  • Rap, a genre of music, now widely considered to be a subgenre of Hip hop music, in which a performer speaks syncopated rhyming lyrics, often, but not always, over a musical rhythm and/or melody accompaniment (typically drums or electronic).
  • Rap, the act of performing rap music or Rapping.

Rapper may refer to:

  • Rapper sword, a kind of sword dance associated with the North-East of England
  • Rapper, a performer of rap music vocals or rapping, now often referred to as an MC.

RAP may refer to:

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