Regia Autonomă de Transport București

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Locale Bucharest, Romania
Transit type Light rail
Daily ridership 2.26 million
Chief executive Radu D. Dumitru
Headquarters B-dul Dinicu Golescu nr.1, sector 1, Bucuresti
Began operation 1909
Historical RATB pass from 2006. The paper pass has a combination of punches, crossouts, stamping, and writing to indicate the exact period for which it is valid. A new contactless card system has been introduced since

Regia Autonomă de Transport București (RATB) is a public transport operator in Bucharest, Romania.


RATB operates a complex network of buses, trams and trolleybuses – in fact, RATB operates all public transport except the Bucharest Metro, which is managed by Metrorex. While owned entirely by the City Council, RATB is an autonomous company.

The RATB public transport services use a separate ticketing system to the Bucharest Metro. Combined passes, as well as single, timed, combined tickets are no longer available since 2 May 2014. There are plans for the two transport systems to be merged at some point in the future.

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