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Citybus on route 32b

Compania de Transport Public Cluj-Napoca ("Cluj-Napoca Public Transport Company", CTP; until 2013 RATUC, Regia Autonomă de Transport Urban de Călători) is the local public transport company of Cluj-Napoca, Romania. The company runs an extensive 321 kilometres (199 mi) public transport network within the city using trams (the line opened as late as 1987), trolleybuses and buses.[1]

The local public transport company, CTP, manages a tram line that runs through the city. Recent modernisation involves the installation of new rail tracks, and acquisition of 4 Polish PESA 120Na trams.[2] This brought a number of advantages, including vibration and shock reduction, a substantial noise decrease, long use expectancy and higher transit speed – 60 kilometres per hour (37 mph)-80 kilometres per hour (50 mph).[3] In the Mănăştur area, under the bridge, the track route was modified, now crossing roundabouts in the middle rather than following the direction of the traffic lanes. Given the development of the metropolitan area, further plans feature the creation of a light rail track between Gilău and Jucu that will use these modernised tracks in the city.[4]

Route map[edit]

RATUC Cluj-Napoca Trasee.pdf


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