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rAVe [Publications]
Type Private
Founded 1998
Headquarters Chapel Hill, N.C.
Founder(s) Gary Kayye
Key people Gary Kayye, Founder
Sara Abrons, Editor
Owner Kayye Consulting Inc.
Slogan(s) "AV News with Attitude"
Website www.ravepubs.com
Type of site blogging, trade publication

rAVe [Publications] is a digital news organization that covers the audiovisual industry – both commercial and residential.[1][2] rAVe, originally Kayye Consulting Inc., was founded in 1998 by Gary Kayye. The company produces e-newsletters, blogs and video to provide opinionated news and commentary[3] on the AV industry. rAVe is tailored to “AV Insiders” (dealers, integrators, consultants, designers, manufacturers, etc.) as opposed to end-users of the products and/or services.[4]


Gary Kayye, a prominent member of the AV community, founded Kayye Consulting in 1998.[2] Kayye graduated from the School of Journalism and Mass Communication with an emphasis on marketing and public relations at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (where he serves as an adjunct faculty member).[5][6][7] He has been in the industry since 1987 when he started at Extron Electronics[8] before eventually moving to AMX. In addition to consulting, Kayye Consulting worked with AV professionals through training, development and marketing.[9][10][11]

In 2003, Kayye Consulting published its first e-newsletter – Gary Kayye’s rAVe – which largely covered commercial AV news. This e-newsletter eventually became the ProAV e-newsletter, and continues to cover the commercial AV sector. In 2004, Kayye Consulting added the HomeAV e-newsletter, in partnership with CEDIA, covering the residential sector.

With a larger focus on AV industry news coverage, Kayye Consulting Inc. became publicly known as rAVe [Publications] in 2008. rAVe [Publications] is a DBA of Kayye Consulting Inc.

In 2007, rAVe began using social media to enhance its coverage of the AV community. Beginning at InfoComm 2007 rAVe tweeted about new products, and after a positive response, started using social media as a critical aspect of their coverage.[1] rAVe NOW was launched in 2008 to incorporate all of rAVe’s social media efforts.

Today, rAVe has six e-newsletters, two international partners and an extensive social media site in rAVe NOW.

rAVe [Publications] Content[edit]

The rAVe [Publications] website features content from all of its e-newsletters, as well as industry press releases, a job board, educational whitepapers and other educational opportunities, all to benefit members of the AV community.

rAVe publishes six U.S.-based e-newsletters: ProAV, HomeAV, Rental [and Staging], ED [Education], [DS] Digital Signage and GreenAV.[12] rAVe also has two international partners: rAVe Europe and rAVe Asia. rAVe is entirely digital, and there are no print versions of its newsletters. All e-newsletters are opt-in and are delivered with full content via email.


rAVe ProAV is an e-newsletter targeted toward AV dealers, integrators, design consultants, manufacturers and AV insiders that is published twice per month.[13] ProAV was initially published in 2003 and is the oldest of rAVe’s publications. It covers the commercial industry, including AV products in education, houses of worship, government, military, boardrooms, meeting rooms, presentation vertical markets, and more. Each issue contains 2–3 contributed editorial articles, along with shorter news articles that cover new products, industry news, events, etc.


rAVe HomeAV was launched in 2004, and is published twice per month. The HomeAV e-newsletter is published in partnership with CEDIA,[14] and targets integrators, designers and distributors in the residential AV market. Each issue contains 2–3 contributed editorial articles, along with shorter articles that cover new products, industry news, events, etc.

Rental [and Staging][edit]

rAVe Rental [and Staging] was launched in November 2007, and was the first of rAVe’s vertical market publications. This e-newsletter is published once per month and focuses on the commercial rental and staging marketing, which includes live events, rental houses, staging and non-permanent installs. Each issue contains an editorial from columnist Joel Rollins of Everett Hall Associates, along with shorter news articles that cover new products, industry news, events, etc.

ED [Education][edit]

rAVe ED [Education] was launched in May 2008. This e-newsletter covers AV in the K-12 and higher education markets and is published once per month. Each rAVe ED e-newsletter contains an editorial from Cornell Technology Manager Greg Bronson, along with shorter articles covering new products, industry news, events, etc.

Digital Signage[edit]

rAVe DS [Digital Signage] was launched in January 2008 to focus on the rapidly expanding market of digital signage. The rAVe DS e-newsletter is published once a month and contains content from the digital signage blog (and rAVe’s partner) Sixteen:Nine, editorials from various digital signage experts and shorter articles covering new products, industry news, events, etc. rAVe DS focuses on all aspects of the digital signage market, including digital signage hardware and software, advertising opportunities, audience measurement tools, new markets, etc. and is specifically targeted to ProAV integrators.


rAVe GreenAV is the newest e-newsletter from rAVe, and is the AV industry’s only publication that focuses exclusively on green AV issues. rAVe began publishing this e-newsletter in August 2010.[15] The rAVe Green e-newsletter is published once per month and covers sustainability, energy efficiency and environmental issues that affect the AV industry. Each e-newsletter contains editorials from columnists Scott Walker, of Waveguide Consulting, and Midori Connoly, of Pulse Staging, as well as shorter articles that cover new products, industry news, upcoming events, government legislation, etc.


rAVe Europe covers residential and commercial AV news for the European, Middle Eastern and African (EMEA) markets, and is published by rAVe partner Channel Media Europe, based in Malta.[16]

rAVe NOW Content[edit]

rAVe [Publications] began using Twitter in 2007[13] at InfoComm, and launched rAVe NOW in 2008.[17] rAVe NOW incorporates all aspects of rAVe’s social media presence, including blogs, video, social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube), tradeshow coverage and the Social Media Blueprint.[1]

Trade Show Coverage[edit]

rAVe’s social media use started at InfoComm in 2007, and they continue to use social media to extensively cover many AV tradeshows. rAVe staff film and upload videos on new products and booths from the tradeshow floors, free of charge to manufacturers and viewers. rAVe staff also update attendees and those who couldn’t make it to the show via blogs, Twitter and Facebook. Because of the success of their tradeshow coverage, shows have asked to partner with rAVe. rAVe now creates tradeshow portals for all of the major tradeshows that combine video, blogs and social media coverage in one place.[18][19][20][21][22][23]
Frequently Covered Trade Shows include:
InfoComm is the leading tradeshow for the commercial AV industry and is put on by InfoComm International. InfoComm International was founded in 1939 and is dedicated to excellence and professionalism in the AV industry.[9][24]
CEDIA Expo is the premiere tradeshow for the residential AV industry and is put on by CEDIA.[14] CEDIA is a trade association founded in 1989 for companies specializing in the home AV industry. CEDIA Expo provides attendees with information on the latest technologies and products, as well as training and education through CEDIA University courses.
Digital Signage Expo
Digital Signage Expo was launched in 2004 and is the largest international tradeshow on digital signage.[18][25]
Integrated Systems Europe
Integrated Systems Europe was launched in 2004 and is a tradeshow focusing on both the commercial and residential AV industries.[26] ISE is put on by CEDIA and InfoComm International and is targeted toward the European community.
Other AV Shows and/or Events:
The NSCA Business and Leadership Conference was launched in 1999 and is targeted towards commercial electronic systems contractors and integrators.[27] The conference focuses on the current and future states of business, as well as how attendees can take advantage of new opportunities.
CEDIA Management Conference
CEDIA Management Conference is put on by CEDIA and is targeted to business owners and managers.[28]
The ALMO E4 AV Tour is a one-day show that is free to attendees.[29][30] The tour features InfoComm courses, an exhibition of new products, and opportunities to network.
Stampede Big Book of AV Tour
rAVe staff attend the Big Book of AV Tour, put on by Stampede, to give presentations on social media marketing in the AV industry.[31] Stampede is a distributor of professional AV technology. The Big Book of AV Tour is a free event for AV professionals and features trainings sessions and allows attendees to meet industry experts. The tour is a one-day event that occurs in different cities throughout the year.


The rAVe NOW blog includes articles from nearly ten bloggers, all experts in the AV industry.[13] These bloggers comprise the rAVe BlogSquad, and cover a variety of aspects of AV. The rAVe BlogSquad includes Gary Kayye, Sara Abrons, Joel Rollins, Lee Distad, Dawn Meade,[32] Jessica Spicer, Johnny Mota, Gina Sansivero and Dave Haynes. Bloggers cover a variety of topics from new products and industry trends to green issues and specialized AV topics.[1]


rAVe began filming and uploading videos at tradeshows[13] so that those who weren’t able to attend could still keep up with product releases and manufacturer news. Over the years, they have expanded to include product introductions, recaps of events, informational text movies covering research, and entertainment series, such as Gary’s Rants & rAVes. All videos can be found on the rAVe NOW website,[33] as well as its YouTube channel.[34][35][36]

Original Video[edit]

rAVe Original Videos include videos created by rAVe staff, focusing on different aspects of the AV industry. Videos include Gary’s Rants & rAVes (a regular segment where rAVe founder Gary Kayye comments on the latest industry trends), as well as informational videos on different aspects of the AV industry.

Social Networks[edit]

rAVe NOW uses a variety of social media platforms to connect members of the audiovisual community (both Home and Pro). These social networks not only allow rAVe to post original content in an interactive format, but they allow users to interact with one another to offer advice and insight.

rAVe has a Facebook fan page that they use to communicate with readers and encourage interaction. In addition to posting videos, articles and links on page, users can ask questions to the general AV community. rAVe uses Facebook to promote contests, such as the March Madness Bracket Challenge.
Twitter[37] is one of the most used platforms of the rAVe NOW social media strategy using the @ravepubs Twitter handle. rAVe uses Twitter for live coverage during tradeshows,[38] as well as daily commentary on the AV industry.[1][13] rAVe keeps followers informed on the latest news and trends, and engages in conversation with readers, such as through the hashtag “#AVtweeps.” rAVe also posts daily job listings from its website on Twitter under the hashtag “#AVjobs.”
rAVe posts all of its videos on a YouTube channel[39] in addition to their website for easy viewing for all consumers.[33] All of rAVe’s videos are on YouTube, and are sorted into categories for easy browsing.
rAVe has a company profile on LinkedIn that is used to keep readers informed of what is happening inside the company. rAVe also uses LinkedIn groups to connect with members of the AV community and share information about relevant topics. rAVe’s InfoComm group allows attendees to discuss the conference in the months before the event.[40]

Other Services[edit]

Trade Show Awards[edit]

rAVe [Publications] honors manufacturers and companies with “Best of Show” Awards after each of the major tradeshows they cover (CEDIA Expo, InfoComm, Digital Signage Expo). These awards cover a variety of categories and are sent out in the e-newsletter relating to that tradeshow.

Examples of specific awards are “DS [Digital Signage] Champs," “Best of CEDIA,” “Best of InfoComm” and “Up and Coming.” The “Up and Coming” award is occasionally given at the beginning of the year to companies and products that rAVe thinks are going to have an impact on the coming year.[20][41][42][43][44][18][45]


rAVe [Publications] also provides a variety of educational literature – researched and written on specialized topics for targeted audiences.[13][46] In addition to the Social Media Blueprint, rAVe produces educational videos and whitepapers, and gives live presentations at tradeshows and conferences.[9][46][47][48][49]

Social Media Blueprint[edit]

The Social Media Blueprint, originally launched as a stand-alone document written in Feb. 2010, was re-launched in 2011 as a comprehensive website that serves as a digital media guide for members of the AV industry to get involved in B2B social media. The new website features a blog on social media, basic strategies, an overview of social media resources, and tools to help get readers started. The website also features a forum where AV professionals can interact with one another to share their stories and ask questions.


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