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Raymond Braun Media Group, also well known by its acronym RBMG, is a media company and record label established in 2008 specializing in music production and promotion. It is a joint venture between R&B artist Usher and Scooter Braun's School Boy Records. The name RBMG is made up of the family names of the American R&B artist Usher Raymond and American talent manager Scott Samuel "Scooter" Braun.

RBMG is also part of SB Projects, a full-service entertainment and marketing company encompassing a wide range of ventures including in addition to RBMG, Schoolboy Records, SB Consulting, SB Management, and Sheba Publishing. RBMG has a special profit-sharing business deal with Universal owned Island Def Jam Music Group.

RBMG's biggest success came with the discovery of artist Justin Bieber and eventual signing to RBMG in 2008. Bieber's debut album My World 2.0 and all his singles are on the Island Def Jam/RBMG label.

In 2013 RBMG's biggest success came with signing of Korean artists like PSY and G-Dragon.[1]


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