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Type Broadcast television network
Country Brazil
Availability Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina
Founded December 29, 1962
Slogan A TV nos Liga. (The TV Connects us.)
Owner Nelson Sirotsky
Affiliation Rede Globo (1967-present)
Group Grupo RBS
Independent (1962-1963)
Rede Excelsior (1963-1967)
Official website

RBS TV is a Southern Brazilian television network owned by Grupo RBS, and one of the oldest affiliates to Rede Globo. The acronym originally stands for Rede Brasil Sul de Televisão (English: "Brazil South Television Network"), but currently the network never uses its full name on-air.

RBS TV owns 18 television stations spread over two Brazilian states: 12 in Rio Grande do Sul and 6 in Santa Catarina. It actually operates two distinct networks, one to each state. RBS TV Porto Alegre is the headquarters for the Rio Grande do Sul network, whereas the main station of the Santa Catarina network is located in Florianópolis.

RBS TV stations produce an average amount of local and regional programming, composed mainly of news, but also drama series, documentaries, sports, variety and youth programming.

Although most of the programs are produced separately in each of the two state networks, some of them are produced by RBS TV Porto Alegre alone, and broadcast on both states.


Plaque commemorating the launch of TV Gaúcha, March 2009.

TV Gaúcha was created in 1962 in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, and would later become RBS TV Porto Alegre. The following year, TV Gaúcha affiliated itself with Rede Excelsior. Rede Globo was launched in Rio de Janeiro two years later, but TV Gaúcha would only become its affiliate in 1967.

In 1979, it started to operate in Florianópolis, capital city of Santa Catarina. This new purchase obliged the network to change its name to something less Rio Grande do Sul-related (as the word "Gaúcha" was), and it was rebranded RBS TV that same year.

Broadcasters members[edit]

RBS TV Porto Alegre.

Rio Grande do Sul[edit]

RBS TV Florianópolis.

Santa Catarina[edit]

Corporate slogans (translated to English)[edit]

  • 1987-1993: A station serving the community.
  • 1993-1994: Here to see in Rio Grande.
  • 1994-1996: Getting closer to you.
  • 1996-2000: All for you.
  • 2000-2003: We show, you see.
  • 2003-2008: Your Life on TV.
  • 2008-2012: We do it for you.
  • 2012-2014: We do it with you.
  • 2014-: The TV connects us.

Inquiry on RBS Group oligopoly / monopoly practicing[edit]

The RBS Group is being investigated by the practice of oligopoly / monopoly. In 2008, the Federal Prosecutor of Santa Catarina has filed a public civil action (Case No.. 2008.72.00.014043-5) against the company oligopoly Rede Brasil Sul (RBS) in southern Brazil. The MPF requires the company, among other measures, to reducing its number of TV and radion stations in the states of Santa Catarina (SC) and Rio Grande do Sul (RS), so that to be in according to the Brazilian law; and the cancellation of the purchase of the newspaper A Notícia from Joinville, consummated in 2006 - which resulted in a virtual monopoly over the relevant newspapers in the state of Santa Catarina.[1]

In 2009, the Federal Prosecutor in Canoas (RS), Pedro Antonio Roso, asked the chairman of the RBS Group, Nelson Pacheco Sirotsky, among other informations, the number of TV and radio stations that the company owns in Rio Grande do Sul, "as well as its affiliates, stations and repeaters." The request is part of an administrative proceeding brought by federal prosecutors "to determine possible occurrence of monopolistic practices and irregularities in granting Radio and Television to the RBS Group in Rio Grande do Sul".[2]


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