RCA Thesaurus

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RCA Thesaurus
RCA Thesaurus example album cover.jpg
Studio album by John Serry Sr.
Released 1954 New York
Recorded 1954 New York
Genre Classical, Pop, Instrumental
Label RCA Victor
John Serry Sr. chronology
RCA Thesaurus - RCA Victor Transcriptions (1954) Squeeze Play - Dot Records (1956)

RCA Thesaurus is a series of phonographic albums on the RCA Victor label featuring transcriptions of classical music and popular compositions from the 1950s. They were produced under the musical direction of Ben Selvin during the 1950s in New York City for RCA Victor and were broadcast over the NBC radio network. John Serry Sr. recorded several of his arrangements for this collection with his ensemble The Bel-Cordions in 1954.[1] The group consisted of four accordions, string bass and guitar. It was augmented in some arrangements by vibes, drums and piano.

Copies of the album and the composer's original orchestral score have been donated to the Eastman School of Music's Sibley Music Library for archival purposes within the Ruth T. Watanabe Special Collections Department to benefit both researchers and students.[2]

Classical Compositions[edit]

Popular compositions[edit]

Artistic Ensemble[edit]

The Bel-Cordions[edit]


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