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Founded 1974 (1974)
Founder Jon and Christel DeHaan
Headquarters Parsippany, New Jersey
Carmel, Indiana
, United States
Kettering, England
Key people
Gordon Gurnik (President)
Parent Wyndham Worldwide
Website http://www.rci.com/

RCI (formerly Group RCI and, before that, Resort Condominiums International) is a division of the firm Wyndham Worldwide. RCI is the world's largest holiday timeshare company.

Founded in 1974 by Jon and Christel DeHaan, RCI is one of the two main brokers, along with Interval International (II), of timeshare exchanges.

RCI has over 6,300 affiliated resorts in over 100 countries around the world.[1] Its membership base is approximately 3.8 million members worldwide.

Corporate structure[edit]

RCI's CEO and president is Gordon Gurnik. RCI's corporate headquarters is in Parsippany, New Jersey.ln India RCI corporate office is in Bangalore. At the moment Director is Michael Hoster and General Manager is Ayush Kumar.Its North American membership office is in Carmel, Indiana, and its European membership office is in Kettering, England, with several satellite servicing offices in places such as Mexico City; Cork, Ireland; Manila, Philippines; Singapore; Dubai, United Arab Emirates; and Montevideo, Uruguay.

In July 2007, RCI was merged with Holiday Cottages Group, another of Wyndham Worldwide's subsidiaries. The two would still retain their individual names but operate under the parent name GroupRCI until 2010, when the two companies changed the name to Wyndham Exchange and Rentals.[2] The name has since changed to Wyndham Destination Network. [3]

Business model[edit]

RCI is a timeshare exchange broker, it does not develop or sell timeshares (this falls within the province of RCI's sister Wyndham Worldwide subsidiary Wyndham Vacation Club). A customer who buys a timeshare with an RCI-affiliated developer (whether Wyndham or another entity) has the option to become a paid member of RCI. Such membership entitles the individual to exchange their timeshare with other members; RCI facilitates and fulfills the exchange. Alternatively, a timeshare owner with an RCI-affiliated developer under a points-based system can book reservations through RCI with another RCI affiliate and pay RCI a fee for the booking.


A class action lawsuit against RCI was pursued by Green Welling LLP on behalf of RCI Weeks Program members in New Jersey of 2006. The Plaintiff alleged that RCI actually rents out the most desirable and highly demanded vacation weeks from the spacebank, thus depleting the most desirable options available to Weeks Program members who seek exchanges. The lawsuit was settled in favor of the plaintiff. Benefits for RCI members would have begun on January 11, 2010 but one or more appeals of the entry of the final judgment were filed. Thus the Effective Date began July 28, 2010 when all appeals were resolved.[4]

In 2012, RCI, whilst not admitting any wrong-doing, settled the class action concerning its time-share renting tactics in favour of claimants in the US and agreed to compensate those who had suffered.[5] It might be noted that each person was only paid 12.00 for the lawsuit.


RCI co-founder Christel DeHaan has opened seven boarding schools — known as Christel House International — in Bangalore, India; Mexico City, Mexico; Cape Town, South Africa; Caracas, Venezuela; Indianapolis, Indiana, USA; Kragujevac, Serbia; and Lavasa, India. The schools are designed to provide an education to poor children around the world.[6][7]


  • In 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, and 2009, RCI was named one of the Best Places to Work in Indiana by the Indiana Chamber of Commerce.[8][9][10]
  • In 2009, RCI (Grupo RCI Mexico) was named to the 2009 List of Best Companies to Work for in Latin America.[11]
  • In 2009, RCI (Grupo RCI Mexico) was named to the 2009 Best Places to Work for in Mexico.[12]


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