RC Říčany

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RC Říčany
Full name Rugby Club Říčany
Founded 1944
Location Říčany, Czech Republic
Ground(s) Stadion Josefa Kohouta
President Czech Republic David Frydrych
Coach(es) Czech Republic Antonín Brabec (player-coach)
League(s) KB Extraliga
Team kit

RC Říčany is a Czech rugby club based in Říčany. They currently play in the KB Extraliga. Since 2009 they also compete in the Central & Eastern European Rugby Cup along with fellow Czechs Dragon Brno.


RC Říčany was founded in 1944 by Josef Kohout, after which the club's home ground is named.

The club had a tough start, as World War II was still pretty much in full force. People were living in fear for the Gestapo or being sent to work in Germany.

Initially, they played only friendly matches, including a match against an Anglo-American forces side in 1946.

1952 saw the temporary cessation of rugby activity, owing to the lack of skilled players and competent officials, problems with the playing field and financial struggles.

In 1956 the club restarted again, with more focus on developing home-grown players, and with Josef Kohout still a major driving force behind the club.

The club celebrated their 65th anniversary in 2009.

Historical names[edit]

  • DTJ Říčany (1944)
  • Meteor Říčany (1946–49)
  • TJ Sokol Říčany (1950–66)
  • TJ Sokol Disk Říčany (1967–87)
  • TJ Sokol Spoje Říčany (1988–89)
  • Rugby Club Říčany (1990-2010)
  • Rugby Club Mountfield Říčany (2011-)


  • KB Extraliga
    • 1996, 2001, 2004, 2005, 2006

Notable former players[edit]

  • Czech Republic Josef Kohout

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