RC Olymp

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RC Olymp
Full name Rugby Club Olymp
Founded 1989
Location Kharkiv, Ukraine
Ground(s) KhTZ Stadium
Dynamo Stadium (Capacity: 2,000
Coach(es) Valery Kochanov
Team kit

RC Olymp is a Ukrainian rugby club in Kharkiv. The team currently plays in the Ukraine Rugby Superliga. For the past few years the club has produced the majority of the Ukraine national team.


The club was founded in 1989.


Game with RC Kredo-63

Current squad[edit]

Note: Flags indicate national union as has been defined under WR eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-WR nationality.

Player Position Union
Oleksiy Androsov Forward Ukraine Ukraine
Mykola Kirsanov Forward Ukraine Ukraine
Vyatcheslav Krasylnyk Forward Ukraine Ukraine
Oleg Lytvynenko Forward Ukraine Ukraine
Aleksandr Lomakin Forward Ukraine Ukraine
Andrey Melnykov Forward Ukraine Ukraine
Andrey Myshynev Forward Ukraine Ukraine
Dmitriy Mukhin Forward Ukraine Ukraine
Sahak Oganezov (C) Forward Armenia Armenia
Dmitro Subota Forward Ukraine Ukraine
Sergiy Sukhikh Forward Ukraine Ukraine
Aleksandr Tsapenko Forward Ukraine Ukraine
Ivan Zaliznyak Forward Ukraine Ukraine
Player Position Union
Vitaliy Dotsenko Back Ukraine Ukraine
Sergey Harkaviy Back Ukraine Ukraine
Vadim Kolyshkin Back Ukraine Ukraine
Maksim Kravchenko Back Ukraine Ukraine
Dmitriy Manzhos Back Ukraine Ukraine
Igor Pidsitkov Back Ukraine Ukraine
Vyacheslav Ponomarenko Back Ukraine Ukraine
Andrey Tsarevskiy Back Ukraine Ukraine
Sergey Tserkovniy Back Ukraine Ukraine
Maksim Tyurikov Back Ukraine Ukraine

Out for 2014-2015[edit]


  • Head Coach: Ukraine Valery Kochanov
  • Assistant Coach: Ukraine Sergey Nedbaylo
  • Assistant Coach: Ukraine Vladimir Tsapenko
  • Team Doctor: Ukraine Sergey Podporynov

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