RC Revenge Pro

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RC Revenge Pro.gif
European PlayStation 2 cover art
Developer(s) Acclaim Studios Cheltenham
Publisher(s) Acclaim Entertainment
Series RC Revenge
Platform(s) PlayStation 2
Release date(s)
  • EU December 1, 2000
  • NA January 16, 2001
  • JP June 28, 2001
Genre(s) Driving, Racing, Kart
Mode(s) Single player, multi-player

RC Revenge Pro is a Sony PlayStation 2 racing video game released by Acclaim Entertainment in 2001. It is set in 6 different movie worlds (Horror World, Planet Adventure, Jungle World, AKLM Studios, Monster World and Pirate World) where the player races small remote control cars. Maxim gave the game 3 of 5 stars,[1] and MobyGames gave the game 53 points out of a possible 100.[2] It is an enhanced port of RC Revenge for the PlayStation.


In RC Revenge Pro, the player can compete in Championship, Single Race, and Time Trial. In addition, RC Revenge Pro also includes Multiplayer Race modes.

The game features 19 different vehicles. There are also 24 tracks, with each scenario having 4 tracks with unique graphics and music. There are many cars to choose from, all rated in the attributes of speed (the top speed the vehicle can reach) as well as its grip and responsiveness. There is also a track builder mode, where new tracks can be created in one of the six scenarios with street blocks. Each vehicle is also available in a boat version, because many tracks contain water sections.

There are several weapons or pickups available.

  • Battery, which provides the player with a short burst of speed
  • Rocket, which homes on an opponent, and throws their car over 50 feet in the air
  • Water balloon, which immobilises the opponent in a bubble of water
  • Oil slick, which will cause opponents to lose control of their vehicles
  • Shockwave, which repels nearby opponents
  • Later unlockable vehicles also feature special weapons, such as enhanced speed boosts and laser weapons for the lunar loader.


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