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Rd is an abbreviation for road. It may also refer to:

  • Round of ammunition
  • rd, also called rmdir, a shell command meaning "remove directory"
  • Rd, the mathematical domain of real numbers
  • ‹rd›, a Latin alphabet digraph of a retroflex stop in Aboriginal Australian languages

RD may refer to:

Arts and entertainment[edit]

Businesses and organizations[edit]

Military decorations[edit]

Science, technology, and mathematics[edit]

Computing and mathematics[edit]

  • RD, Rata Die, a calendar-independent system to assign numbers to calendar dates
  • Rider, a cross-platform IDE intended for C# and .NET development.
  • Route distinguisher, in data networking, a concept in Multiprotocol Label Switching
  • Ruby Document format, a markup language used for documentation of Ruby programs

Health and medicine[edit]

Other uses in science and technology[edit]

Other uses[edit]