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REEM-C and REEM (2013)
Year of creation 2006

REEM is the latest prototype humanoid robot built by PAL Robotics in Spain. It is a 1.70 m high humanoid robot with 22 degrees of freedom, with a mobile base with wheels, allowing it to move at 4 km/hour. The upper part of the robot consists of a torso with a touch screen, two motorized arms, which give it a high degree of expression, and a head, which is also motorized. A complete range of sensors (cameras, ultrasonic, lasers, etc.) ensures the robot can find its way safely, avoiding obstacles and people. REEM can be used as a guide, entertainer, dynamic information point, for surveillance, tele presence, personal assistance, or as a robotic platform for research. For example, as a guide, the robot first scans the environment, and then certain points of interest need to be selected on its map (f.i. booths at an exhibition centre). After knowing its environment, REEM is able to show people where they are and guide them around, whilst avoiding all kinds of obstacles (both static and dynamic).

REEM-A and REEM-B are the first and second prototypes of humanoid robots created by PAL Robotics. REEM-B can recognize, grasp and lift objects and walk by itself, avoiding obstacles through simultaneous localization and mapping. The robot accepts voice commands and can recognize faces.


Model REEM-A (2006) [1]
REEM-A humanoid robot.jpg
REEM-B (2008) [2]
REEM-B humanoid robot.jpg
REEM (2010) [3]
REEM-C (2013) [4]
Weight 49 kg 64 kg 90 kg 80 kg[5]
Height 1.4 m 1.47 m 1.70 m 1.65 m
Locomotion type walking walking wheeled walking
Speed 1.5 km/h 1.5 km/h 4 km/h 1.4 km/h
Continuous operating time 90 minutes 120 minutes 8 hours 180 (walking) - 360 (standby) minutes
Degrees of Freedom 30 41 22 44
Payload of the arms 2 kg 12 kg 6 kg 10 kg
Main CPU Intel Pentium M (1.6GHz) Intel Core Duo (1.66GHz)
Geode(500 MHz)
Intel Core 2 Duo + ATOM Intel Core i7 2710QE x 2

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