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REEM-C and REEM (2013)
Year of creation 2006

REEM is the latest prototype humanoid robot built by PAL Robotics in Spain. It is a 1.70 m high humanoid robot with 22 degrees of freedom, with a mobile base with wheels, allowing it to move at 4 km/hour. The upper part of the robot consists of a torso with a touch screen, two motorized arms, which give it a high degree of expression, and a head, which is also motorized.

REEM-A and REEM-B are the first and second prototypes of humanoid robots created by PAL Robotics. REEM-B can recognize, grasp and lift objects and walk by itself, avoiding obstacles through simultaneous localization and mapping. The robot accepts voice commands and can recognize faces.


Model REEM-A (2006) [1]
REEM-A humanoid robot.jpg
REEM-B (2008) [2]
REEM-B humanoid robot.jpg
REEM (2010) [3]
REEM-C (2013) [4]
Weight 49 kg 64 kg 90 kg 80 kg[5]
Height 1.4 m 1.47 m 1.70 m 1.65 m
Locomotion type walking walking wheeled walking
Speed 1.5 km/h 1.5 km/h 4 km/h 1.4 km/h
Continuous operating time 90 minutes 120 minutes 8 hours 180 (walking) - 360 (standby) minutes
Degrees of Freedom 30 41 22 44
Payload of the arms 2 kg 12 kg 6 kg 10 kg
Main CPU Intel Pentium M (1.6GHz) Intel Core Duo (1.66GHz)
Geode(500 MHz)
Intel Core 2 Duo + ATOM Intel Core i7 2710QE x 2

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