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REME Museum
Phoenix UAV.jpg
A BAE Systems Phoenix outside the old museum shop.
REME Museum is located in Wiltshire
REME Museum
Location within Wiltshire
Established 1956
Location MoD Lyneham, Wiltshire, England
Coordinates 51°30′21″N 1°58′09″W / 51.505699°N 1.969219°W / 51.505699; -1.969219
Director Maj R Henderson(Rtd)
Website REME Museum

The REME Museum (formerly known as the REME Museum of Technology) is located south west of Swindon at Lyneham. The museum holds collections of various technological artifacts associated with the work of the REME, the corps of the British Army responsible for the maintenance, servicing and inspection of electrical and mechanical equipment. [1]


The REME Museum relocated from Berkshire in 2015 to MoD Lyneham as part of the Defence Technical Training Change Programme. The original Officers’ Mess at Lyneham is currently being modified to provide a new home for the REME Museum. The will allow a complete refresh of the displays and layout as well as upgrading facilities that are made available to the public. [2]

A Beach Armoured Recovery Vehicle (BARV) on display in the old museum. The Sherman BARV was a British military support vehicle used for amphibious landings.

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The REME Museum is the home to an extensive collection of military records. The museum catalogues and restores these documents.

Visitor facilities[edit]

The new Museum will contain a shop and large café. An education suite with Museum led workshops will be made available to schools and families. There will also be conferencing facilities and a reading room for researchers. [3]

The Museum is due to open in 2017.

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