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This article is about the Spanish diesel locomotives introduced in the 1950s. For the 21st-century electric high-speed Talgo locomotives see Talgo 350
RENFE Class 350
»Virgen de Aranzazu«.jpg
350-002 "Virgin of Aranzazu"
Type and origin
Power type Diesel
Builder American Car and Foundry Company[1]
Serial number 350-001 to 350-004[2]
Build date 1949
Total produced 4
UIC class B'B'
Gauge 1,668 mm (5 ft 5 2132 in)
Wheel diameter 840 mm (33.07 in)[3]
Wheelbase 9.5 m (31 ft 2.0 in) (bogie centres)[3]
Loco weight 60 t (59 long tons; 66 short tons)[3]
Prime mover 2 x Maybach MD-320 (units 001-003)[3]
2 x Hercules Nª4 tipo DNX-V8DS (unit 004)[3]
Performance figures
Maximum speed 140 km/h (87 mph)[3]
Operators RENFE
Locale Spain
First run 1949-1952[3]

The RENFE Class 350 is a series of four single-cabin diesel locomotives that were delivered to Spain in 1950 for use with Talgo II coaches, being built in the USA by the American Car and Foundry company to a distinctly American external style.


The locomotives worked passenger services with Talgo II coaches in red lined silver Talgo II livery, starting in 1950 between Madrid and Hendaye and ending in 1972 with trains between Madrid and Palencia.

Rear of 350-003 in later Talgo III livery carried from 1972-76

When the Talgo II coaches were withdrawn the locomotives were formed into two pairs, and worked Talgo III services between Madrid and Bilbao on the Miranda de Ebro-Bilbao[clarification needed] until 1976 when that service was taken over by RENFE Class 269 locomotives.[1]

Fleet details[edit]

Like all Talgo locomotives, the Class 350 received names.[2]

RENFE Number Name Fate
350-001 Virgen del Pilar Decommissioned
354-002 Virgen de Aránzazu Preserved, on display at Madrid-Delicias railway Museum [4]
354-003 Virgen de Begoña Preserved, on display Vilanova (Barcelona)[5]
354-004 Virgen de Montserrat Decommissioned


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