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Rez may refer to:


First Nations[edit]

  • Rez, slang for an Indian reservation of United States Native Americans
  • Rez, slang for an Indian reserve of Canadian First Nations peoples
  • Rez dog (or reservation dog) is usually a term for outdoor, stray, and feral dogs living on Indian reservations
  • Rez Biz, a magazine for Native American entrepreneurs initially distributed in Arizona and New Mexico

Film and TV[edit]

  • The Rez, a 1996-1998 Canadian television drama series
  • Rez Bomb 2008 feature film

Games and anime[edit]


  • "Rez", non-album track by Underworld, originally released in 1993 in the UK
    • "Cowgirl" often played with "Rez", as they share key elements and samples
  • Rez Band, now Resurrection Band, a Christian heavy-metal rock group from Chicago, Illinois



  • Rez Abbasi 1965 Pakistani-American fusion and jazz guitarist
  • Rez Toledo Filipino singer-songwriter Rez Toledo

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